Car Issues

On Thursday the 22nd of February 2013, I bought 4 new tyres, then Jennifer and I drove down to Gillingham to pick up Jean my sister. While driving down on the A2 one of my wheels started to come lose. As we were coming across the last of the three round-abouts the car was making noises which told us that something was wrong with the car! I kept on going as there was no hard shoulder to pull on to and it was dark! I got jennifer to call Jean on the mobile to alert her that something was wrong with the car so that she could call Shaun her Son! We came through the tunnel and on to the turn off for going to Jean, turned left at the lights, drove up the road at the back of the railway lines at the back of where Shaun lives and went along the one way system to turn into the top of the road to Jean's turning and the wheel came off!... rolled into the road and there was a scraping noise on the road! A lady came out of her house as she had heard the noise and thought there was an accident!

I was in total shock at the thought of what had just happened! Jennifer phoned Jean for me and she came round to where we were! Jennifer phoned the Green Flag for me and they were really great! The lady's son and family came out to help to direct traffic as we were on a blind corner! Her son took photos on my phone as evidence of what happened! While I waited for the Green Flag to come the lady took me in to her sisters house to give me a cup of tea, with sugar for shock and her family looked after the car for me! Her son also rescued Jean and Jennifer as they got locked out with Jeans new key!

On going back out to the car, the Green Flag man said that two of the nuts on the front passenger wheel had sheared off and that the nuts on the wheels had not been tightened enough! He then went round and tightened all the wheel nut on all four wheels! After having to take a wheel nut from one of the other wheels to make it driveable again to get it round to Jean's house which is what Shaun did as I was unable to drive!

I arranged for Green Flag to collect it from Shaun's house the next day and to take it to my Mechanic, Dick. Shaun took us back to London as we were unable to stay because we had no meds for the next day and we had the cat to think of; also I needed to go and see the tyre shop owners to tell them what had happened to the car! It took me a long time to go over to them! I sat and read my Bible and I prayed very much for the courage to find the right words to tell them what had happened to my car and what could have happened to Jennifer and myself!

The last words they said to me was that if I needed a new wheel or a new tyre I had it and to give my mechanic his number! However after speaking to Dick a week later he told me that he was having trouble getting hold of the boss and asked if I could go over to them which I did on the Sunday! I spoke to one of the employees and he told me that his boss was not going to pay for the car to be mended!

I had to find £586.00 to get my car fixed! I prayed so much asking God to provide the money for my car! As I had prayed for him to be with Jennifer and I on that Thursday evening! I would like to say that He came through on both occasions! He blessed me and Jennifer as he protected us in the car! and He provided the money to get the car mended when I hadn't a chance of getting the money together but I prayed and I believed that God would provide! and He did! I didn't have to borrow money from Jennifer or anyone else! Thank God

When I think about how different Mothers Day could have been! It doesn't bear thinking about! I can only conclude that God was sitting on my shoulders on that Thursday and that He has been walking with me and Jennifer through this time of trial! We have our car back now thank God! Jennifer's arm will mend with time and with God's help she will rise to the challenge of painting with her Left hand as well as her right when it is healed!

Please know that I am praying and singing to the Lord for his great Love and Mercy! I now have to tell you an even more amazing thing that happened to my car! I took Jennifer back home on Tuesday, I parked the car on the opposite side of her road and we went in to her house to wait for her carer, as Jennifer had a medical appointment at the Mayday hospital. while we were in there a man knocked on the door and said that his car had hit mine! He had parked his car on the corner of the road and gone off to do whatever he had to, came back to find his car embedded in a tree on the opposite side of the road to where he had parked it! It had hit my car on the way to the tree!

I am counting my Blessings
1, Jennifer and I were not in it at the time
2, We could have parked the car on the same side of the road as the tree
3, He could have driven off! instead he knocked on the door and, told me what had happened

He has put it through the insurance, so my car will be mended after Easter!

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