Trusting God During Pregnancy

I would like to testify of the Lord’s goodness to me and my family. These past few months we have been learning more about how to put our trust in God and His Word.

Before I even knew I was pregnant last year God gave me a dream that my husband was handing me a baby. In the dream, I did not want this baby at first, but then after 3 days I started feeding him. It was a beautiful baby.

Then early in the pregnancy I went for the first scan and they also did some blood tests. When we received the results through the post, my husband and I were devastated as it said that the baby had a high risk of having Down Syndrome or some other chromosomic disorder (the risk was 1 out of 35). The hospital wanted me to come to an appointment to talk about my options…. I never did.

After a couple of weeks, we shared it with the pastors. They encouraged us and prayed with us. They also told us to continue to stand on God’s Word and not the doctor’s reports. We only shared with them and close family members as we felt in our hearts not to spread the enemy’s report…

We then spoke specific scriptures continually over the baby and prayed together regularly for him throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

In December at a Wednesday meeting, Pastor Rowland told me that the Lord was going to speak to me directly. That same night I had a dream that I was on a stretcher and a surgeon came to operate on me. The surgeon also told me a couple of personal things about my life… From then on, I had a knowing in my heart that the issue was dealt with and everything was going to be OK (even though I would still doubt a bit from time to time).

In January, I went for my second scan. The hospital told me that everything looked fine, but I had to come back because they couldn’t see the heart properly because of the baby’s position.

When I came back, the heart was OK but they could see something wrong with the baby’s bowels. They could see some kind of obstructions (it’s called echogenic bowels). They then had to do more tests as it could be due to cystic fibrosis or other serious conditions. It is also a marker for Down Syndrome, which means the risk of Down Syndrome was now higher (1 out of 10). They asked me if I wanted to do more tests that can harm the baby and if I wanted to go ahead with the pregnancy, etc…

We kept on speaking God’s Word which says that children are a heritage and gift from the Lord and that the Father of lights gives good and perfect gifts. We spoke to the baby telling him he is fearfully and wonderfully made…

From then I had to do about 3 other scans until one day they couldn’t see anything wrong with the bowels any more. The obstructions had disappeared!

After this they discharged me from the special foetal unit and just told me to wait until the birth and see. They said they would have to do some tests on the baby at birth.

As I waited for the birth, I asked God to give me a name for the baby. One day not long after that I dreamed about a little boy (2 or 3 years old). The boy was pointing and said “look Mummy, there is my name”. I turned and saw the name “Raphael” written there. Raphael means “The Lord is my healer” or "God heals".

After another couple of months Raphael was born, perfectly healthy to the glory of God.

I hope this encourages us to keep speaking God’s Word in spite of what our circumstances or other people may say.

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