One Course

It’s about two becoming one.
It’s about one becoming whole.
It’s about two with one purpose.


The ONE course is for courting couples, couples seriously considering engagement, and already engaged couples who want to know the will of God for their relationship. The course is designed for couples getting married for the first time.

In this course you won’t hear quips, phrases or redundant advice.

You won’t stumble upon the secret recipe to eternal marital bliss.

What you will find are Biblical principles that, when applied will help you realise your destiny.


ONE is a premarital course prepared specially for those who ‘want to get it right first time’. This is an 8 week marriage preparation course designed for couples 18 and over. The first part of the course ONE focuses on individual healing and growth. The reason for this being that marriage should always begin on a solid foundation of personal wholeness.

The course then takes the couple on a journey of discovery and preparation for the most important relationship of their lives here on earth – Marriage. Their coaching couple is subsequently available to help them face the challenges and changes of their first year of marriage.

Simply put, the ONE course is a real and wonderful ‘roadmap to marriage’.


Week 1 – Becoming a whole individual
Week 2 – Relationships: past, present and future
Week 3 – Your family portrait
Week 4 – The basis for marriage
Week 5 – Determining your destiny
Week 6 – Discovering true intimacy
Week 7 – Roles / Coming to agreement
Week 8 – Interactive life application – looking at financial concepts and issues of careers, childrearing, buying a house etc.

All this in a welcoming home environment with a trained and experienced coaching married couple, and other like minded couples who also want to get it right first time around.

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