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We prepare for many of the things we want in life; especially when they are important. To drive on the roads you need a driving licence, and that doesn’t come easy. You take driving lessons from a driving instructor or an experienced driver, and it takes practice to become competent. Only after having passed your driving test can you legally drive a car without expert assistance.

You are advised to do the necessary market research before starting any business. Why?

So that you have the information you need to get your business off the ground and sustain it. What about obtaining a university or college qualification? You face examinations, assignments, coursework and projects before you get that degree, diploma or certificate.

When a woman is pregnant, she has to attend antenatal appointments and classes in preparation for the birth of her baby. Going for your dream job or promotion means that you prepare hard for the interview. You do this because you have a vision—to get that job or promotion.

A wedding—big or small—requires a lot of preparation so that the day goes without a major hitch. How much more then should we prepare for one of the greatest adventures of life—marriage.

Most people who marry want their marriages to last a lifetime; and so they should. Why? This is because God, the originator of marriage, planned that it should last that long. Statistics, however, show that things are not going to plan, with one in every three marriages ending in divorce. In many cases, it is because the parties involved were not prepared for everything that marriage involves. So, in light of the high rate of marriage breakdowns, preparation is crucial before anyone walks down the aisle to say, “I do”. This is what this book is all about. Its aim is to give you advice that you can implement before your marital status changes from ‘single’ to ‘married’.

About the author:

Folake Henshaw is a wife, mother, counsellor, and speaker at Christian seminars and events. She has been in Christian ministry and service for the last 20 years. Her passion to see single people get it right in choosing a life partner, and married couples have a good marriage, has led her together with her husband to run numerous marriage enhancement and premarital courses since the year 2000.

Folake and her husband Rowland are parents to 3 children and have their home in London, England.

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