The UK Government has permitted churches to re-open again, glory be to the Lord!

Based on the UK government’s decision to permit churches to reopen for in-person worship, at their meeting on Monday 29 June, the Elim National Leadership Team (NLT) issued the following decisions:

· That Elim churches in England can open for worship services and other permitted ministry activities, including funerals and weddings, from 4 July, subject to fulfilling the requirements of a full risk assessment.

· That each church must have their risk assessment signed off and permission to reopen provided from their regional office before recommencing any services or activities in the building.

· That Elim churches should abide by the government guidelines for England for social distancing by maintaining 2 metres.

· That face masks or coverings should be worn by all those attending – exceptions for participants in worship, prayer and speaking being subject to other mitigating steps.

· That public singing “should be avoided” under the current guidelines save for minimal opportunity for one voice/worship leading.

· That churches should keep a record of all who attend in-person services for a period of 21 days as per the guidelines.

We are pleased to say that our submitted risk assessment has been approved by our Elim Regional Office and permission has been given that Word of Life Church Rehoboth Building can re-open its doors! We praise God for this!

Following this permission, we have come up with guidelines that prioritize your safety and align with the government’s and Elim guidelines, for a phased re-opening. We encourage you to embrace the changes and work with us as we navigate this post covid-19 period. Rehoboth Building will open to the whole WOL family, the community and the general public for services, from Sunday 2nd August 2020. The Leadership Team, Board Members and some key workers will do a trial run service in Rehoboth building the Sunday before prior to this public opening.


Bearing this in mind, we have broken this statement down into (1) actions the CHURCH is taking to ensure your safety, and (2) actions required of YOU to ensure our collective safety.

What We Are Doing

(1) Enforcing the requirement of registration to attend church services.

(2) Check-in upon arrival, to aid contact tracing

(3) Two services to allow for spaced-out gatherings. First service at 9am, second service at 11am

(4) Cleaning of shared areas and surfaces between services

(5) Training of all Stewards

(6) Significantly Adjusted Seating to promote Physical distancing

(7) Children’s church stays closed but with your written consent your children can be taken to the nearby park, with supervision during the service

(8) Please follow Physical Distancing Signs and Stickers posted in and out of the building

(9) Slightly reduced length of singing time with one lead singer at each service. There will be a separate designated microphone per each user (Singer and Speakers during each service)

(10)Provision of individual packaged communion emblems for all

(11)Personal Protective Equipment (disposable masks and gloves) provided for stewards

(12)Hand Sanitiser stations placed at the Entry Point and Exit points. Hand sanitising is required for all upon entry and exit.

(13)Still not able to join us in person? Online services will continue to hold.

What We Need From You

(1) Please register all members in your family before attending in-person services and check-in at the check in point upon arrival. You will need to register via the church website at for each service you wish to attend

(2) Please use the hand sanitisers provided when entering the building and when exiting.

(3) The stewards are there to help. Please strictly follow their instructions for your safety and the safety of others

(4) Family members are required to please sit together. Parents, please plan to keep young children with you at all times (except where written consent is given for them to be taken to park by Children’s Ministry Workers).

(5) Handshaking and hugging are strongly not allowed

(6) Please use the main front doors for entry and for exit. The stewards will be on hand to help and guide you

(7) Please come with, and wear a mask during your time in Rehoboth Building. Children aged 11 and under do not have to wear face masks.

(8) Refreshments (food and drink) will not be distributed at this time

(9) If you need a drink during the service, please kindly come in with a bottle of water. This not to be shared with others.

(10) Please choose ONLINE giving and other non-cash methods where possible.

(11) Please be patient with us as we navigate this new season.

During this season, we encourage you to prioritize safety, and to choose faith over fear. It is been an unprecedented time in history, so if you are feeling mentally drained, you are not alone. God is with you and will never leave you nor forsake you. We also encourage you to speak to someone about how you are feeling. Speak to your cell leader, or deputy cell leader, or one of the other Word of Life leaders.

We love you, miss you, and look forward to having you back in Word of Life Church Rehoboth Building in-person!

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