True Life Stories


A couple of redundancy posts arose at my place of work and I happened to be one of the employees streamlined for redundancy. I was not upset as I had been looking to stopping work in the near future, so the opportunity actually was God sent and timely.

When they showed me what my redundancy package was to be, we made appropriate plans and as a family the first thing we would take out was the tithe. But when the pay package came, we were disappointed to see that nearly a third of the pay package had been taken by the tax man. When it came to the time to give the tithe, we had agreed that as a family we would give 10% tithe and a 10% offering. But I was struggling with giving the offering as in my eyes the figure was a large amount and it was not part of the original budget.

But as I was praying about it, I felt that I should give it to the Lord as a thankful offering. The Lord has been good to me and my family and I remembered as well the Word of God says that He is no debtor of man. So with a heart of release and thanks, we gave both the tithe and offering at 10% each and left it.

A few months ago, I had put in a PPI claim for a couple of loans taken out in the past and I forgot about them. Literally a couple of days after giving I got a letter in the post from the bank saying that they would refund/uphold my claim and the settlement was the full amount that the tax man had taken out! Truly God does not need our money, He wants our obedience. I was and still am in awe of this God that we serve. To Him be the glory!

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